ManagePro CRM Description

Everyone’s customer journey is different and the one-size-fits-all method certainly doesn’t work here. ManagePro CRM provides customers with an adaptive experience based on their interactions with you as well as other insights.

ManagePro CRM enables sales teams to establish deep relationships, through a range of tailored marketing. Insights are automatically gathered and then used to ensure every customer receives a personalized experience.  Selling more and faster has never been easier thanks to ManagePro CRM.

By providing essential insights, guidance and the tools that your sales force need, you can prioritise focus, close deals faster and collaborate successfully. Benefit from live notifications of client statuses and have automated campaigns send out. Automated campaigns allow you to engage with prospects earlier and more effectively, keeping all of your team organized and providing the ability to assign a sales person to one or multiple customers.

ManagePro CRM puts your customers at the forefront of your process and allows you to understand your customers better and offer what is relevant to them based on factors which you can define, whether that’s interactions, type of product, or service plan. It’s important to know where you customers are at each stage of the sales cycle and you are able to do that with a lead scoring feature that keeps you informed of where they are in the sales cycle, then you are able to see what the next stages are to close the deal.

With a 360-degree view of your customers all of your agents are able to have a good understanding of the customers’ requirements, allowing your sales reps to make smarter informed decisions. Features within ManagePro CRM include marketing automation, lead scoring, email marketing features, website performance analytics, landing page, web to lead, landing pages, multiple databases and much more.

ManagePro CRM Description

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