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Feature-rich CRM

Unlike many other Inbound Sales & Marketing CRM solutions, ManagePro CRM enables you to have multiple different CRM systems – up to 999 individual CRM databases – all included within one subscription. Each database can be configured separately and designed to work effortlessly with particular functions or departments of a business.

Multiple CRM databases enables you to have separate areas for each of your agents, departments, regions or type of customer.

  • Have up to 999 individual CRM databases
  • Easily customize each database yourself around your sales process
  • Treat each database as separate entities or have them integrate with each other
  • Have each database assigned to a sales agent and editing who can access which database using ‘User Management’
  • Colour code each account to the client status and edit which fields to view
  • Have daily tasks set within one database
Feature-rich CRM

Customize To Your Processes

We understand that every business has a unique way of operating and each sales process is different depending on the product/service offered. ManagePro CRM puts the user first and allows you to build the CRM around your needs and requirements, whether that’s the simply changing the front-end style or making changes to how the data is stored.

An unprecedented level of customizability allows you to create a bespoke application for your business, whereby each feature can be altered.

  • Fully customizable CRM solution
  • Take away the need for manual tasks
  • Have automated activities for admin tasks
  • View the next step to closing a sale
  • Enable a more streamlined approach to closing a sale
Customize To Your Processes

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